Sharif Abraham

Architectural Review_AR 125 /

Clifton Hill House in Architectural Review - AR125/ June 2012 - reviewed by Paul Carter and titled "Creative Archaeology". The article extrapolates the subliminal and cryptic ideas behind the work within the context of the notion of "identifications"- the desire for dreamed dwellings as well as spaces choreographed for everyday comfort. Carter writes: "The result is a creative assemblage, a new house where typologies (family histories, architectural anatomies and the palimpsesticfuture visions of recurrent dreams) are crafted into drawings, arrangements of walls – where windows, recover their association with privilege, emancipation and epiphany – and volumes, that transform what was ruined into the precious scaffolding of unfolding futures. The Clifton Hill House is a revelation because it insists on the role the enigmatic plays in feeling at home: there is always something beyond and it is in the house." Download full article here

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