Thomas Heatherwick talks to an Audience

Architect and designer Thomas Heatherwick talks to an audience about his work and inspiration – extraordinary. Have a look at the kissing bridge about 4.5 min in. The studio's work draws on ideas gleaned from art, film and popular culture, creating work with strong materiality and intrigue. Thomas comes from a background of "crafting" small objects and uses this as a starting point for the making of large buildings. The image to the right shows the British Pavilion at Expo 2010.


J.G Ballard, Crash

An Interview with the writer J.G Ballard. Part 1 at 5:10 into the video there is a discussion of his book "crash" based on sexual desire and car crashes. An insight into the relationship between modern technology and human psychopathology. Part 2 and Part 3 also worth watching. Don't miss his comments about "inner space" (of the mind) about 6 min in Part 3. Image credit: Florian Maier-Aichen, Freeway Crash (2002)