Maria Silvia Giulietti Cemak

A Swiss architecture student who saw my work, emailed me to ask whether I would consider her for an internship in my studio. She sent me some two images of a workshop project she did with(?)/ for the the architect J.M Torres Nadal. I've never heard of this Spanish architect before. It was hard to find images of built work on line. If anyone can help please shoot me an email.


wHY Architecture Dentist’s House

I came across this house by the Japanese firm "wHY Architecture". I was intrigued by their design statement which reads as follows: "The house design gives emphasis and space to the glass-sided living room, surrounded by open gardens. The father who works as a dentist from 9AM to 9PM everyday wants to have a place in his own house that at the end of the day he could withdraw even from his family, his wife and two young daughters, to pursue the subjects of his personal interest - music, films and books. This open glass room (enclosed image), connecting to the house only through an underground corridor, is the sanctuary where he can be himself. The family has meals and activities together in the family living and dining room but each one of them could withdraw into their own world in their own room / garden." More images