The Spatial Arts: An interview with Jacques Derrida

Peter Brunette & David Wills interview Derrida in 1990 in America. He talks about great work as consisting of its ability to resist "philosophical authority" and its emancipation from the hegemony and authority of philosophical discourse. In other words that which makes the work unplaceable, enabling it to escape the space of certainty.The idea being that if the work is only there to fill a hole – that is, it meets historical, ideological and technical requirements- then there is no work (of art presumably). If there is work, it is because that even when all conditions of analysis have been met, something else still happens. If the same thing is being recognized then it would be a stillborn, dead from the start, and nothing has happened. It needs to transform, to move elsewhere for something to have happened. Download the full interview.


The Balance Between the Natural & the Man Made

Fascinating conversation with Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. He talks about the natural and man made world and discusses sustainability beyond the life cycle of buildings. For me architecture is a global issue. There is no ecological architecture, no intelligent architecture, no fascist architecture, no sustainable architecture – there is only good and bad architecture. There are always problems we must not neglect; for example energy, resources, costs, social aspects – one must always pay attention to all these."