Sharif Abraham Architects

Bathing Capsule

A client’s childhood memories where bathing was conducted in an open room, inspire this addition to a historic building. It is conceived as a suspended light box providing a space for contemplation in what is a densely populated urban environment.
The interior is minimalist, robust (and practical too). Thick planks of glass form a barrier to the outside world and remarkably give the feelings of occlusion and expansion simultaneously. The space feels like a contiguous merging of material and light, where one can take respite. Allowing for a leisurely pace and for the body to manoeuvre freely and unperturbed.
There are long periods of ambient (background) sound of splashing, gushing and trickling, so that one focusses on the water’s rhythmic movement – and by that very nature the Wet Room is transportive; perhaps to somewhere far removed from the heaviness of its Victorian surrounds.

Bathing Capsule, 2021 Details
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