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James Turrell
Roden Crater

James Turrell is interviewed on a journey through the Arizona desert to his site specific work at Roden Crater. An inactive crater is donated to Turrell and turned into a massive light art project, partly funded by the Guggenheim Museum.

What we like about this work is the way it mediates landscape, phenomenological and cultural experience. There’s a small piece at the beginning of the video about the Goldstein ‘skyscraper’, a purpose built room for sky/light experience. see the video here and Part 2 here. A video on the Goldstein house can be viewed here

A recent climb of an active volcano in Bali was Inspiration for a new pool design at Main Ridge . Whereas Turrell explores the expansiveness of the sky, we explore the expanse of water with an infinity edge on all sides and entry to the pool via a lower door in the middle of the crater.


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9 items