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Rude Finger Gestures

I been interested in exploring notions of functional engagement (in this case how you open a door) which transcend that function. This idea was developed in the door handles for the Clifton Hill House. Designed as a pair of finger pulls made by pressing the edges of small stainless steel tubes, and fixing them through the face of the doors. Each pair is positioned according to a predetermined principle. For example those you use with your left hand are set slightly lower than those you use with you right hand. The resulting postures that the user engages with as they move between each door are quite interesting. Firstly they make the gesture of the twin finger, which in itself is somewhat confronting if not rude, and then they coordinate the fingers perfectly and slip them through holes simultaneously. All this whilst positioning each hand at different heights. It is learned behavior with unusual spacial outcomes- perhaps akin to a dance sequence.


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9 items